CASAMUREDDU is a new building located in the centre of Soleminis.
There are two mini apartments of about  50 square meters, each of which has two bedrooms, a living room with kitchenette, balcony, bathroom, a parking place for cars and bicycles.  In each apartment  4 people CAN HAVE A COMFORTABLE HOLIDAY.
The hospitality is run by the family  Mureddu-Verhagen that lives in the  countryside  at 2km from the village, in the middle of  the vineyards of
Upon request we can provide  bicycles  for excursions into the nearby forest or anywhere else you would like to go.
For  more details on availability and cost of renting arrangements please go to page

Soleminis is a small village of 2000 inhabitants located in a hilly area at 15 km from the city of Cagliari and the fantastic beaches of southern Sardinia.  A little train connects Soleminis  to the centre of Cagliari in about 30 minutes.
At 3 km from the village is the entrance of the forest of Monte Arrubiu,  a beautiful wood for walking and cycling.
Several itineraries are rather tough and  are described on the site of
Sardegna Foreste, others can  be discovered by yourself.
We provide the mapping of the area.

The forest is part of the Monte Arrubiu Serpilonga, a bicycle race that is held every year and attracts enthusiasts of Sardinian  Mountain Bikers.
The course is rather tough , but if you  are not in a hurry you can enjoy the views from the top Serpedi where you can see the Gulf of Cagliari and  the whole “Basso Campidano”.

For the fans of this and other locations in southern Sardinia please go to the following links: : Bikesardegna - Sardegna MTB

Soleminis  is also a transit train station for the “
Trenino Verde”, a narrow gauge railway line linking not only Soleminis to the city of Cagliari but allowing direct connection with other villages in the middle of Sardinia. Travel times of this special train are rather long, but the scenery you pass through is worth the trip. Therefore this ancient means of transport  is almost esclusively used for tourism and we advise you to contact the Tourist Council to book your trip with this special train.









che si attraversano valgono il viaggio. Da qui’ l’utilizzo quasi esclusivamente turistico dell’antico mezzo di trasporto ed il consiglio di prenotare il viaggio.

Thanks to the efforts of some enthusiastic craftsmen  you can find some typical products from Soleminis.
Some of them will be available in the house.
Soleminis is an area of production of fine wines, olive oil, honey and preserves

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